Embassy Helsinki: who we are

The Netherlands embassy in Helsinki is the front office of the Netherlands in Finland. The embassy provides consular services and represents, promotes and protects the interests of the government of the Netherlands, as well as those of Dutch nationals living in Finland. One of our main tasks is to promote Dutch economy, Dutch commercial interests in Finland and bilateral cooperation.

Trade & Innovation

The embassy is the focal contact for enterprises. For this purpose we maintain a wide contact network covering government authorities, organizations, enterprises, chambers of commerce  and similar cooperation partners. In addition, we facilitate trade- and business missions. We visit, plan and organize numerous (trade) events, such as seminars, workshops and other events where Holland promotion is central.

The embassy also conducts research to potential growth sectors and provides advice on the best market approaches in Finland, including the important do’s and don’ts.

Circular Economy project
Both the Netherlands and the Nordics/Baltics governments and companies work hard to transfer their economies towards a more circular model. The Netherlands wants to position itself as a circular hotspot, by exchanging knowledge and finding cooperation partners, in order to maintain a leading position in the world market.

During 2018-2020 we are having a 2-year circular economy project at our embassy where we explore and intensify the developments and opportunities in Finland, with a close eye on developments and opportunities in the Nordic-Baltic (NBN) region. The goal is to build stronger partnerships and new business models between Dutch and Finnish/Nordic-Baltic stakeholders.

Telephone: +358 9 228 920
E-Mail: hel-ea@minbuza.nl

Venla Virkamäki
Policy Officer for Trade & Innovation

Santtu Palokangas
Project Officer for Circular Economy


The consular section provides various services for Dutch nationals in Finland. The most important tasks are issuing Dutch passports and identity cards and providing assistance to Dutch nationals in distress. In addition to those tasks the Embassy provides services to foreign nationals who would like to travel to -or work in- the Netherlands, for example in assisting by applications for temporary residence permits (MVV). Another task is providing information on matters like obtaining the Dutch nationality and legalization.

The consular section is open by appointment only.

Telephone: +358 9 228 920  
E-Mail: hel-ca@minbuza.nl

Irina Maaskant
Internal & Consular affairs


The embassy monitors and analyses the policy of the Finnish government, which may be -directly or indirectly- relevant for the Netherlands on the field of foreign- and domestic politics. Of particular interest are the positions of the Finns on EU matters. These developments are reported to the ministries in The Hague. In addition to informing the Dutch politicians and officials, different Dutch interest groups are also being informed on numerous matters.

An important aspect for the Netherlands is to gain support, not only in the EU but worldwide, for Dutch positions and policy. The Finns and the Dutch share generally the same vision on many issues, which have resulted in fruitful cooperation on different fields.

The embassy prepares and facilitates Dutch delegations visiting Finland.

Telephone: +358 9 228 92 204
E-Mail: hel@minbuza.nl

Cees Bansema
Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Özlem Canel

Natasha Nordström-Huotari

Communications & Public Diplomacy

Public Diplomacy should be regarded as public relations of the Netherlands in the broadest sense. This could apply to the political, cultural and economic field. It maintains close contacts with the press, various Finnish authorities and facilitates between Finnish and Dutch (cultural) organizations and persons. We initiate several projects to promote the Netherlands, to spread Dutch expertise and to gain visibility. Further, we provide general information about Dutch education, both in the Netherlands and in Finland. Maintaining the website, the Facebook page and Twitter are also activities which can be shared under the header of Communications & Public Diplomacy.

Telephone: +358 9 228 920
E-Mail: hel@minbuza.nl

Ilona Jääskeläinen-Overduin
Communications & Public Diplomacy Officer


Tero Sahramaa
Driver / Handyman / Gardener


The main focus of the Defence Attaché is to maintain, strengthen and improve the relations between The Netherlands and Finland in the sphere of defence.

The Defence Attaché is representing the Netherlands Defence organisation.

Defence Attaché for Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden
Captain, Sim Schot
E-Mail: sim.schot@minbuza.nl

Deputy Defence Attaché for Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden
Defence Attaché for Iceland
Lieutenant Colonel Roel Cuppes
E-Mail: roel.cuppes@minbuza.nl

Oscarsgate 29
0244 ES Oslo, Norway
Telephone: +47 (2333) 3642