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(An animation. Voice-over)

(Holland. Who hasn't heard of it? The kingdom of lowlands. Windmills all over the place, bicycles outnumber citizens and behind every blossom stands a dam. Art. Commerce. Agriculture. Industry. And the world's tallest men.)

(But, is it Holland... or the Netherlands? We're not sure about this. Holland is the name of the kingdom's two largest provinces, North Holland and South Holland. With 10 other provinces they make up the Netherlands, which, over time, became known as Holland.)

(So, your destination being Amsterdam means you're heading to the Netherlands, a.k.a. the Lowlands, since a huge area of the kingdom lies below sea level. However, this isn't all about the Netherlands. There's a lot more to learn about! Follow our page to know more. So, if you're ever asked: Do you know Holland? You can say: Yes, we do!)

(The Dutch coat of arms, next to: Kingdom of the Netherlands.)