Cultural Exchange - United Kingdom

Cultural exchange between the United Kingdom and the Netherlands

International exchange between culture makers, creative entrepreneurs and cultural institutions is a source of inspiration and helps to build and maintain relationships and mutual understanding across borders. For that reason, the Dutch Embassy in London works to promote Dutch art and culture in the UK.

Funding available for British cultural organisations that bring Netherlands-based creatives to the UK

British cultural organisations that provide a platform for Dutch arts in the UK can apply for funding from the Dutch Embassy in the UK. The Embassy's funding is aimed at helping artists and designers from the Netherlands to get exposure in the UK and/or to get experience working with well-established international arts organisations.

Dutch Culture Funds

The Embassy is in close contact with Culture Funds in the Netherlands; many of which also have funding available for international cultural exhange. Those Culture Funds also play a pivotal role in helping us to introduce programmers and curators from the UK to artists in the Netherlands.

The following Culture Funds in the Netherlands have funds available for presentations of Dutch arts and design in the UK:

North Sea Neighbours Magazine

Image: ©Dutch Embassy in the United Kingdom

To celebrate the deep cultural connections between North Sea Neigbours the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, the Dutch Embassy in London in January 2020 published a magazine full of interviews with Dutch artists that work in the UK and British creatives earning their money in the Netherlands.