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Although water is scarce in the UAE, the country has a high water consumption per capita. With the desire to become increasingly self-sufficient in food production and nature conservation high on the national agenda, the UAE is ready for a change. Dutch expertise to make the most out of little water is part of the solution.

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Drinking water made pure by Holland Water

Most tap water in the UAE is desalinated seawater. It travels a long way before it reaches the consumer. During transport and storage, a so-called biofilm forms in pipes and tanks. This biofilm is where legionella bacteria can thrive. The treatment system of Holland Water is energy efficient and has been installed in various places in the UAE. It ensures clean and safe drinking water.

Clear desert lakes by LG Sonics

In the desert outside Dubai, Al Marmoon Nature Conservation Reserve has a beautiful range of lakes. Biodiversity is enormous in this popular place. The lakes suffered from algae growth, making the lakes look murky. LG Sonic’s ultrasound solution has cleared the lakes while leaving birds, fish and water plants unaffected.

Water systems to grow tomatoes in the Desert

Hatenboer Water, a Dutch company specialized in providing water supply and treatment solutions worldwide, has partnered up with another Dutch firm Certhon to work on agritech project. This project is by Pure Harvest Smart Farms, the region’s leading tech-enabled agribusiness. Hatenboer’s solution is a tailor-made system helps in softening and pH control which will help produce and deliver fresh products locally in the UAE.