2024 MATRA PROGRAMME - Ukraine


News item | 29-02-2024 | 13:35

The MATRA Programme is to help strengthening civil society, democracy and the rule of law in Ukraine.

The MATRA Programme for social transformation has been running in Ukraine since 1993. MATRA started as a programme aimed at helping East European countries, including Ukraine, to become democratic, pluriform constitutional states with a strong civil society. Today, the MATRA Programme still continues to help strengthening civil society, democracy and the rule of law in Ukraine.

To respond effectively to the current challenges and developments in Ukraine, in 2024, the MATRA Programme will help to meet the needs of Ukrainian people during wartime, overcome the consequences of Russia’s aggression, continue with the ongoing reform process, prepare for a post-war recovery and reconstruction, and Ukraine’s European integration.


The Embassy of the Netherlands invites Ukrainian civil society organisations to submit concept notes under the 2024 MATRA Programme by 31 March 2024.

1. Applicant organisations requirements

  • Be a registered Ukrainian NGO with non-for profit status according to the Ukrainian legislation or an educational organisation. International organisations are allowed to apply;
  • Have an adequate track record, proven management capacity, and expertise in the selected priority areas;
  • Have previous proven experience of implementing projects within the theme of proposed intervention

Collaboration with Dutch organisations is encouraged.

2. Priority areas

  • Strengthening social cohesion and inclusivity, i.e. participation of youth at the local level in war affected communities;
  • Support to vulnerable categories, i.e. reintegration of internally displaced persons and war veterans;
  • Strengthening the rule of law with the focus on independent judiciary, integrity, transparency and accountability;
  • Promoting good governance practices and anti-corruption, specifically in the regions;
  • Providing support for Ukraine’s recovery / reconstruction efforts, including transparent recovery;
  • Promoting parliamentary democracy, upholding democratic participation and citizens mobilisation;
  • Providing support to the EU integration efforts, including advocacy of the reforms.

We strongly encourage the organisations working on the projects with the focus in the frontline regions to apply for the call.

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