Bilateral cooperation projects - Türkiye

Bilateral cooperation projects

The embassy and consulate-general in Türkiye work on various themes with a wide range of Turkish stakeholders and organisations. The Dutch network’s activities in Türkiye focus on creating awareness, sharing knowledge and building networks for dialogue. Where possible, we apply Dutch knowledge and expertise to make a positive impact. Collaboration within our Liveable Cities programme is organised around three overarching themes (see also our special magazine livable cities.

The Dutch embassy team on their bikes.
  1. Improving urban liveability by making cities circular, resilient, and open and creative. Preserving cultural heritage is a particular focus area. This is closely aligned to discussions on urbanisation and the effects on environmental quality of life. We therefore aim to strengthen collaboration on the preservation of cultural heritage.
  2. Helping to build an open and inclusive society which does justice to diversity within the community. The Women of Orange network focuses on female empowerment. We also focus on LGBTI rights, freedom of expression, press freedom and the position of religious minorities. Projects in these areas receive support in part from the Matra/Human Rights programme.
  3. Creating a sustainable society that uses sustainable production methods. Our activities touch on issues such as rural development, biodiversity, sustainable production methods and the transition to a circular economy.

Recent initiatives

Tree Planting Day 2022

Ambassador Marjanne de Kwaasteniet symbolically planted a number of trees in Marmaris on Tree Planting Day 2022. She also announced that the embassy and consulate-general in Türkiye will be planting 10,000 trees in Marmaris in the next planting season to replace the forests devastated by fires.