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Cooperation to develop high tech systems in farming and horticulture. To produce food in an efficient and sustainable way. The expected global demand for food will double by 2050 because of combined effects of population growth, rising income and urbanization. This requires us to rethink the way we produce our food and how we can increase supply, while minimizing environment impact.

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The Scandinavian countries and The Netherlands are like minded in their goals for sustainability and working towards the UN SDGs. The Netherlands, therefore, actively seeks cooperation with Swedish companies, knowledge institutions and public institutions in the agriculture, food and nature area.

Agricultural Network

The cooperation between civil servants, scientists and NGOs is facilitated by the Agricultural Network abroad. Dutch Agricultural Network | assists Dutch entrepreneurs, companies and knowledge institutes. They also represent the Netherlands at international organisations, such as FAO/WFP/IFAD in Rome, the European Union in Brussels, and the OECD in Paris. The Agricultural office for Scandinavia is in Copenhagen.

Our agricultural advisors connect partners in the Netherlands and the Nordics that develop alternative farming methods. To find new ways of mitigating climate change in emerging economies.