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The Food & Nutrition industry in Singapore is developing rapidly, building on the strong logistics sector and strong image of Singapore as a clean city. In 2018 Singapore announced the 30 by 30 vision which means that in 2030 they would produce 30% of their nutritional needs locally, from less than 10% today, through innovation and high tech farming.

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Multinationals, including the Dutch companies DSM and Friesland Campina, have a (regional) office in Singapore.
Wageningen University and Research Centre (WUR) has strong collaborations with the Nanyang Technological University and with A*STAR. With NTU the WUR offers a successful 2 year (PhD) education program and together with A*STAR the WUR is doing joint research on alternative proteins. There are opportunities for Dutch companies, including small and medium enterprises, to make use of Singapore as launch pad into Asia, such as in the area of food tech and food security.

Dutch Wageningen University and Singaporean Nanyang Technological University offer a successful joint two-year education programme in Food Science and Technology. The academic exchange is growing by adding research programmes and collaborations with food companies.

Urban Farming Partners

Image: ©Urban Farming Partners Singapore

Urban Farming Partners Singapore (UFPSG), a unique partnership between Singapore and the Netherlands, has been awarded  funding support by the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) under the Agriculture Productivity Fund (APF), enabling the urban farming initiative to take the next step towards strengthening Singapore’s food supply chain and paving the way to food security.

Their farm can potentially produce 33 Tonnes of healthy and fresh, ready-to-eat produce for the Singapore market. Circular processes like the harvest of rainwater and solar power are examples of sustainable proven technologies that will be included in the overall design of the urban farm.