Bee Garden - Serbia

Bee Garden

The honey jar you are holding in your hands is a product of cooperation between the Netherlands Embassy in Belgrade and Supernatural, Mad Med, GAIA Movement/Silosi Belgrade and BeeCenter in “Bee Activist” project.

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Image: ©Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Belgrade, Serbia

Through this project we jointly created a bee garden in lower Dorćol, made of bee plants and 12 beehives.

The “Bee Activist” project promotes the concept of rewilding cities and participation of wider audience in bringing nature back to urban areas. The aim is to make cities more resilient in the context of climate change, but also increase biodiversity of the urban areas and thus create better quality of life for nature and people. Together, we want to put Belgrade on the world map and join the global green cities movement, encouraging people to embrace a greener future.

Think of your favorite fruit or vegetable, tree or flower. Bees as pollinators play such an important role in every aspect of the ecosystem. Without them our gardens would be bare and our plates would be empty.

It is very important to underline the necessity of preserving the environment for natural pollinators (bees, bumblebees and other pollinators) and stress the importance of nature-inclusive urban development. This is why activities such as the project of “Bee garden” are important. Holistic urban development needs to Involve all stakeholders– from civil engineers, architects, to landscape architects, ecologists and citizens.

Through project like this, the Embassy does not want to ‘impose’ the green living concept, but rather show how enjoyable it is when we shift our perspective and make a step in the direction of living a healthier life.

Imagine an environment where green is part of the city’s identity and where citizens are active stakeholders. An environment with a more sustainable future. Everyone can contribute to developing better urban environments.  What we did today is a small, but an important step. We hope it will inspire you to green-up your life!

Let’s make a first step together by planting seeds that you have received.

Spread the word and BEE part of the change.