Video statement from H.E. Sigrid Kaag, Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands and Nikkie Tutorials.

NEW YORK, 1 October 2020

Dear all, progress comes from challenging the status quo and standing up for what’s right for human rights.

Twenty-five years ago, this is what governments from around the world did when they adopted the Beijing Declaration.

Today we celebrate the anniversary of this Declaration and commemorate twenty-five years of hard-earned progress.

None of this would have been possible without the broad engagement by a wide range of individuals and organizations. All of whom dared to challenge the status quo.

It is with their efforts in mind that the Kingdom of the Netherlands fully supports inclusive women’s rights movements around the world.

We always have, and we do this because the tide of progress is also at a risk of rolling back. Alliances are sadly shifting and we need to reverse this trend.

In the coming decade, we will face serious challenges.

The effects of the COVID-19, the pandemic, are felt by all of us. But women and girls are as always disproportionally affected.

This adds on to an already growing pushback against women’s rights and girls’ rights, and gender equality around the world.

There is more gender-based violence. More women and girls losing their livelihoods. And more girls are sadly not returning to school.

It’s a shadow pandemic, and it worries me deeply. It worries me as a mother and as a woman. But we can fight it and we need to stop it.

People fortunately are already taking a stand. In challenging, stereotypes. In pushing back. And we need to support them.

That’s why today I am delighted to share this stage with someone who deeply inspires me.

She’s one of a kind. She stands up, she challenges, she owns it and she assumes. Nikkie de Jager.

Thank you so much for the honour Minister Kaag.

Some of you might know me as NikkieTutorials. Under that alias I have the chance to reach millions of people on my platforms.

I’ve used these channels for several important messages throughout the years and I always ask my audience to educate themselves and others so they can act for change.

And change is what we need.

We need to fix certain things that are still not right.

We’re all human, we’re all equal and your gender identity should never change that, ever.

Recently I introduced ‘Zero tolerance on delaying equal human rights for all’. And if you’re watching this today and you’re in the position to change things for the better, do it.

It’s what we are here for on this planet. Helping each other succeed, thrive, flourish and live.

Live a live where girls and women matter, just like everybody else.

Like the minister says, we need to push back and challenge stereotypes so we can promote, protect and fulfill all human rights of women and girls.

Thank you.