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Human Rights

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Norway and the Netherlands share core values and are both strong supporters of human rights.

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The Netherlands and Norway jointly strive to protect and promote human rights all over the world, which is a foreign policy priority for both countries. In this way, we contribute to a world that is livable for ourselves as well as future generations.

The embassy talks with Norwegian policy makers, human rights defenders and institutes, and participate in events that promote universal human rights such as the Oslo Freedom Forum and the Oslo Pride.

Movies that Matter

Image: ©Astrid Jansen

Every year the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides the embassies with a human rights films from Movies that Matter. Many Dutch embassies use this opportunity to share thoughts on important human right issues.

In 2022, the Netherlands embassy in Oslo, together with the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO), screened the movie As I Want. The documentary showed the challenges women in Egypt have in daily life.

After the screening we discussed the topic further with a panel and the audience.

Freedom of Expression

Image: © / Minbuza
A concrete example of cooperation is in the area of freedom of expression. During the recent state visit, where both the Dutch and Norwegian Royal Couples participated in a discussion on how to prevent hate speech in the public domain. The Norwegian organisation StoppHatprat and the Dutch organisation TMI Academy teamed up in exchanging views with youth and minority groups from Norway and the Netherlands. The organisations inspired each other for future cooperation on freedom of expression and the prevention of hate speech.

Event on Freedom of Expression during the State Visit of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima to Norway in November 2021 in the Deichman library.

Prevention and resolution of conflicts

Another element where Norway and the Netherlands join forces in defence of the core values peace, justice and human rights is in the prevention and resolution of conflicts. Case in point is the current negotiations between Venezuela’s government and the country’s opposition, which are mediated by Norway and facilitated by the Netherlands.


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