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Trade and entrepreneurship

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The Netherlands takes local private sector development as key to economic success. The private sector could become a driver for broad based economic growth in Mozambique, providing job opportunities for young people. 

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Entrepreneurship and Youth

With its development cooperation program, the Netherlands aims to contribute to SDG 8 by investing in a better enabling environment for businesses and more competitive and stronger MSMEs, while focusing on youth and vulnerable groups. Entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial ecosystem play an important role within private sector development. Specific attention is paid to gender equality and women empowerment, by having girls and women as main beneficiaries of the private sector development interventions, as well as having specific programs to promote female entrepreneurship. 

Since agriculture is an important sector in Mozambique (almost 75% of the population is getting its income from agricultural activities), the Netherlands focuses its private sector development efforts towards this sector. By doing so we reach and assist smallholder farmers in developing their business and support (the improvement of and in) a number of important value chains also with an eye to local and regional trade. 

Orange Corners 

Together with its private partners, the Netherlands supports Mozambican young entrepreneurs through the Orange Corners program since 2017. This programme aims to support an enabling entrepreneurial climate, as well as provides an incubation for young entrepreneurs transforming their smart ideas into sustainable businesses.

Orange Corners is the spot where university students have access to everything they need to get their business ideas off the ground and make their dreams come true. The programme offers various initiatives through which young people can discover their ‘entrepreneurial self' gain more self-confidence, have access to knowledge, tools and resources to leverage their business ideas. The programme connects them to a network of entrepreneurs, the market and new (financial) opportunities.  

Doing business abroad 

What can the economic network do for you?  

  • network and contacts: through our international network we can help you in finding new contacts, partners, buyers and suppliers. 
  • knowledge and information: we can keep you up to date on opportunities, markets and (changes in) local business legislation. 
  • financing: we can support you in finding financing opportunities to expand abroad, either via available Dutch instruments or via international financing channels. 
  • promoting Dutch interests: we can assist with business issues and local procedures by engaging in a dialogue with the right local partners.  

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