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Food and Nutrition Security

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The Netherlands and Mozambique seek to improve food and nutrition security together. On this page we describe several of our joint projects.

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Sustainable Livelihoods Development Programme in Gorongosa, Sofala

In order to promote inclusive development and prevent conflicts triggered by inequality, small producers in areas that have benefited little or not at all from public or private FNS support so far, should also be assisted with basic support to improve their livelihoods including agricultural productivity, land use an nutritional situation.

In this regard, a consortium led by the Gorongosa Restoration Project, a public-private partnership, proposes to implement a sustainable livelihoods program in 6 districts that surround the Gorongosa National Park (GNP) in the Zambezi Valley, Sofala province.

Amongst others, the activity aims at improving access of smallholder farmers to markets, good quality seeds, knowledge on proper soil fertility management, and integrated pest control management, as well as other climate adaptive agricultural techniques including agroforestry.

By improving livelihoods of these communities, the activity will simultaneously contribute to biodiversity protection in GNP, considered to be one of the most important biodiversity hotspot in Africa and a haven for wildlife with many endemic species.

Cash transfers for social protection

Since 2008 the Netherlands via its Embassy in Maputo (EKN) has supported the Government of Mozambique’s Social Protection program. It targets the poorest people through cash transfers, building on our previous support to strengthen capacity and systems for delivering cash transfers.

In 2022 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS) approved further continuation and scaling up of the social protection program, as the needs in the aftermath of the COVID-pandemic and the current economic crisis has only increased. Together with other donors such as FCDO, IDA and SIDA, EKN will contribute to the Multi-Donor Trust Fund ‘Strengthening Mozambique’s Social Protection System’, which will be managed by the World Bank.

The programme will support implementation of Government of Mozambique’s National Basic Social Security Strategy, to increase the effectiveness and coverage of the social protection system and build Government of Mozambique’s technical capacity.

Value Chain and Youth Development in Cabo Delgado

History shows that extractive industries in less-developed countries do not always lead to sustainable and inclusive growth and that benefits may largely concentrate at national level and be shared amongst those few in power. Despite the abundance of natural resources and high potential for agriculture, fishery and tourism, the coastal province of Cabo Delgado is currently one of the poorest in Mozambique. Its poverty rate is 45%, the prevalence of chronic malnutrition is 56%, unemployment is 25%, with youth unemployment 2-3 times higher than of adults. The adult illiteracy rate is 68% and is much higher under women than under men.

The Netherlands will support a rural development program in Cabo Delgado province. The overall goal of the intervention is to promote inclusive, diversified and sustainable development in this province, making the most of projected economic growth and opportunities resulting from developments in the extractive industry.

The program explores the largely untapped agriculture potential of Cabo Delgado (availability of good soils, water and favorable climate), young labor force availability and projected demand growth in the region to stimulate agricultural development and generate opportunities for youth employment.