Mozambique and the Netherlands - Mozambique

Mozambique and the Netherlands

The relationship of the Netherlands with Mozambique stretches back over more than 40 years, since the country’s independence. It is a relationship that has developed over time from international cooperation towards a broad-based partnership, also covering trade and investments. 

The Netherlands is a big trading partner for Mozambique. Last year, we were the number 3 importer from Mozambique and the number 4 exporter to Mozambique. For the Netherlands the main opportunities lie in the sectors of water, agriculture, infrastructure & corridors, and energy (more detailed information is given below).

There are currently more than 20 Dutch companies registered in Mozambique, and many more of them are already doing business in Mozambique or actively looking into opportunities for trade and investment. The interest is mainly in water, agriculture, (renewable) energy, maritime, infrastructure and logistics (including trade and export of products). 

Though the conditions are considered to be challenging (Mozambique is ranked 138th in the Ease of Doing Business index of the World Bank), doing business in Mozambique can nevertheless be rewarding for Dutch companies, as there are ample opportunities and economic growth is expected to increase in the coming years. Several donors are working to improve the institutional capacity, corporate governance and the business climate with the overall aim of accelerating private sector development.