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Economic cooperation and trade

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The Netherlands promotes inclusive growth through sustainable trade and investment worldwide. In Central Asia, we aim to achieve this by being a facilitator in-between Dutch companies and the public and private sectors of assigned countries.

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The embassy's economic activities in Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan are mainly focused on Agriculture, Energy, Water, and Sustainability. Together with The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO)  we implement projects, fund activities and provide reporting on the economic situation in region.


Agriculture is the second largest sector of Kazakh-Dutch cooperation after energy. Dutch solutions are in demand among local agrobusiness in such sub-sectors as:  high tech greenhouses, plant protection, fertilizers, tree nurseries, poultry farming, robotization, processing lines, feed production. We can provide you with information on local market, contacts with local government, organization of trade promotion activities in Kazakhstan.

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Please contact the Netherlands Enterprise Agency for information on new market entry support programmes and so on.

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The traditionally strong oil and gas sector in Kazakhstan is undergoing a transition towards a greener and sustainable economy and towards less dependence on oil and gas. Kazakhstan is diversifying its economy and this opens perspectives for other sectors such as renewable energy and green technology including energy efficiency, and energy saving. Kazakhstan is a country of high potential for the development of renewable energy sources. The energy transition aims to increase the share of alternative and renewable energy in the country's energy balance to 15% in 2030 and to 50% in 2050. The expertise of Dutch specialists with a strong international focus and global experience offers to Kazakhstan it’s support in reaching this goal.

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Water and sustainable development

The embassy serves as the primary contact point for any requests regarding water cooperation and sustainable development in Kazakhstan. Our mission is to facilitate collaboration among Dutch businesses and Kazakhstani counterparts. To achieve that, we provide information, establish links, support meeting requests and participate in delegation visits to Kazakhstan. The embassy welcomes any initiative and will give the full support required.