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Water and Climate

The covid-19 crisis and subsequent challenges to international travel and trade have highlighted the importance of national food security in Jordan. Food security has been identified by the Government of Jordan as a foremost priority. Guided by Dutch expertise in water management and agriculture and the 3x3x3 challenge (three times less water use in agriculture, three times less energy us in agriculture, three times more earning capacity for farmers), the Netherlands is committed to strengthening Jordan’s economic resilience in the face of extreme of water scarcity and climate change by fostering efficient use of water and energy for food security. In addition, the Netherlands aims to contribute to the provision of decent and fair job opportunities in the agriculture sector.

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ECO-consult: The Hydroponic Agriculture and Employment Development Project (HAED-Jo)

The Jordan Hydroponics Agriculture and Employment Development Project (HAED‐Jo) contributes to the development of a vibrant, prosperous and efficient horticulture sector that supports national plans for economic growth in Jordan. The five-year project, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, aims at advancing Jordan’s horticultural value chain through the adoption of innovative hydroponic techniques and improved post-harvest management while saving water, improving food security and creating job opportunities for Jordanians and Syrian refugees.

Advance Consulting: Pilot Project Inclusive Horticulture Value Chains Jordan

This pilot project aims to contribute to the increased competitiveness and performance of Jordanian horticulture produce in a variety of export markets, rural job creation and income generation in horticulture. It connects small and medium sized farmers with exporters to work on export oriented production. Furthermore, farmers will receive capacity building and support for the whole production chain (seed selection, irrigation  management, IPM (Integrated Pest Management), bush management, greenhouse design, etc.), enabling them to enhance earning capacity while reducing water and energy use. The pilot project will identify best practices which can be replicated and scaled up elsewhere in Jordan. This project is implemented by a consortium led by Advance Consulting in collaboration with WUR, Profyta, and Holland Door.

World Waternet and Yarmouk Water Company: Water Operator Partnership

This Water Operator Partnership between Yarmouk Water Company (YWC) and World Waternet is a peer-to-peer programme to exchange practical knowledge and skills. World Waternet will work with YWC to identify and overcome service delivery challengers and waste water management. In addition, this partnership aims to improve YWC’s operations, maintenance, energy saving and expand their services. The first year of this partnership will focus on providing Covid-19, measures, including training, testing, staff safety and communication campaigns for YWC customers.