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Energy Transition and Sustainability

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The world is facing complex social and environmental challenges. We have to make our energy supply and economy sustainable. To make this change, Dutch and Japanese companies, local governments and researchers are working closely together. Both countries embraced the ambition to become carbon neutral countries by 2050.

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Mitsubishi, Chubu and Eneco jointly invest in sustainable energy

The Dutch energy company Eneco and the Japanese industrial conglomerate Mitsubishi Corporation are long standing strategic partners in sustainable energy. They have joint forces in electric mobility, off-shore wind parks and largescale energy storage batteries. In 2020 their strong relationship resulted in the acquisition of Eneco by Mitsubishi Corporation and Chubu Electric Power. For the years to come, they also focus on developing offshore wind farms in both Europe and Japan. For more information, go to Eneco.

Saga City to introduce Dutch circular technology

Saga City and the Dutch company ECOR are working together to introduce circular furniture to Japan. ECOR produces panels and furniture made from fibres of old newspapers, manure and waste from the construction and logging industry.

The partnership also involves the construction of a pilot plant. For more information on the Dutch vision on circularity, go to NLPlatform.

Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage

To reduce CO2 emissions from climate control systems in buildings, the Netherlands Consulate General in Osaka, with the support of the Japanese Ministry of Environment, Osaka City and Osaka City University organized a series of webinars on the application of Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES). In the Netherlands, ATES is a regular option for new buildings, with over 3000 systems in operation. Policy and technology experts from Japan and the Netherlands shared their experience about this green technology with Japanese (local) authorities, construction companies and real estate developers.

Renewable Polymers by Avantium

The Dutch company Avantium has, with their Renewable Polymers (plant-based plastics) a long-term partnership with the Japanese biotech company Toyobo. They also collaborate  with Mitsui for the market development of bio based PEF in high-value applications and distribution of ultrathin high-end renewable foils. Japan is considered to be the key market for introducing innovative and advanced materials. Not only 100% plant-based,  also 100 % recyclable and degradable plastic.