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Japan and the Netherlands cooperate to bring innovative, high tech systems to farming and horticulture. By matching our knowledge and expertise, we jointly contribute to the ambition to grow food efficiently and sustainably and allow premium crops to reach as many Japanese consumers as possible.

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Japanese robots in Dutch greenhouses

The Japanese multinational DENSO, a global suppliers of car parts, works closely together with the Dutch family owned expert in horticulture Certhon. For sustainable food production, the partnership combines automotive technology and over 120 years of horticulture experience. For example, to allow DENSO’s robot FARO to harvests crops around the clock in greenhouses. For more information, go to Denso.

More food exports thanks to EU-Japan trade agreement

The EU-Japan free trade agreement, which entered into force on 1 February 2019, offers opportunities for EU businesses of all sizes. Japan scraps customs duties on 97 percent of goods imported from the EU, allowing Dutch food producers in the Netherlands to export their premium crops to Japan. The Netherlands exports agricultural goods and know-how to Japan. Processed food, meat, dairy products and agro-tech top the list, which also includes among others flowers and beverages. For more information, visit the website of the European Commission.


Hokkaido is the agricultural production area of ​​Japan. Some 80% of the potatoes and 50% of dairy are produced here. The Netherlands supplies knowledge and technology in the field of milking robots, artificial intelligence and propagation material. The Netherlands and Japan strive to work together on data-driven precision agriculture and sustainable production methods, as was evident during the Dutch Virtual mission to Japan, where more than half of participants registered for the ‘Smart Agriculture’ program (in Dutch.

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You can also find more information via Agroberichten Buitenland (in Dutch/English).