Migration - Italy


Finding solutions together

Together with Climate and Economy, Migration is one of the priority policy themes of the Embassy. It is also a policy area where the European Union and Member States interact closely and are dependent on one another.

Being a country at the EU’s southern external border Italy is mainly affected by primary migration from countries across the Mediterranean sea (the Central Mediterranean Route), whereas for the Netherlands secondary migration within Europe is more relevant. The Netherlands and Italy agree that migration is an European issue that requires a solution at the European level as well.

The Embassy facilitates dialogue at the political and technical level to exchange views and best practices. At a local level we support projects to foster integration and labor market opportunities of refugees. As migration is a multidimensional theme, various departments at the Embassy are involved on topics ranging from migration policy to themes such as legal migration and human trafficking.

For further information on the migration policy of the Netherlands, please visit:  Migration and travel | Government.nl