Economic policy - Italy

Economic policy

Finding solutions together

Economy is one of the priority policy themes of the Embassy, next to the themes climate and migration. It is also a policy area where the European Union and Member States interact closely and are dependent on one another.

Economic cooperation and financial-economic (European) policies are important topics in our bilateral relation. The Embassy facilitates the dialogue and cooperation between the Netherlands and Italy on European policies for innovation, the internal market, the economic governance of the EU and eurozone, and European programmes such as Next Generation EU (the European Union (EU) economic recovery package to support the EU member states to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic). Our cooperation focuses at the shared goal of a competitive Europe.

Italy is the 9th largest economy of the world, a member of the G7 and the third largest economy in Europe. As such it is an important economic partner of the Netherlands. Trade between the two nations amounts to 40 bn euro per year. Italy is the Netherlands' 6th export market. Italian and Dutch manufacturing supply chains are closely intertwined.

The Embassy supports companies from the Netherlands in doing business in Italy by providing information, contacts and organizing trade promotion activities.