FuturoPresente 2023 - Italy

FuturoPresente 2023

A year of culture (film, literature, performing arts) for children and young adults, focusing on cooperation between the Netherlands and Italy.

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FuturoPresente is a special initiative of the Embassy and Consulate-General of the Netherlands in Italy and four major Dutch cultural institutions Performing Arts Fund NL Dutch Foundation for Literature Dutch Cultural Participation Fund and SeeNL.

The aim is to introduce the Italian public to the best Dutch artistic productions for children and young adults, strengthening professional networks exchange in the two countries, and to contribute to a more inclusive notion of ​​culture.  

The title FuturoPresente  intends to underline how the new generations not only present "the future", but how their point of view on the world must be listened to in the present, of which they are fully-fledged citizens. It also draws attention to current urgent issues, at the heart of many planned works, whereby today's actions will have a decisive impact on tomorrow. 

The FuturoPresente programme runs throughout 2023 and is driven by  thirty top-level Italian festivals and cultural organizations. It offers dance and theater performances, meetings with writers, screenings, workshops, conferences and more: the aim is also to create performative workshops marked by exchanges and connections. Dutch artistic productions for children and young adults are internationally appreciated for their quality, which has nothing to envy to that of conventional productions.

Upcoming activities

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  • Simone de Jong Company presents theatreworks based on movement, and music in an original, funny and sensitive way.

    03 - 05 March 2023
    Teatro Colonna in Brescia and Cinema Teatro Comunale in Bomporto
  • On the occasion of the 60th edition of Bologna Children's Book Fair, the Illustrators Survival Corner and Translators Café hosted a selection of masterclasses and workshops with Dutch authors/illustrators.

    07 - 09 March 2023
    The Illustrators Survival Corner
  • Dutch illustrator Loes Riphagen shows her use of many materials and techniques, such as those employed in her latest Italian title "Sbrigati Carl!".

    07 March 2023
    | 12:00 -12:50
    Bologna Children's Book Fair
  • Harmen van Straaten, Dutch illustrator with 85 translations, shows his magic and his latest Italian version "Stasera a nanna non si va!", translated by Claudia Cozzi, published by Carlo Gallucci Editore

    07 March 2023
    | 09:30 -11:00
    Workshop Area - D45 Hall 30
  • Translator Anna Patrucco Becchi talks about translating Dutch children's books, the Foundation's opportunity to promote them, and the task of spreading Dutch culture in Italy.

    07 March 2023
    | 12:30 -13:30
  • The international traveling exhibition "Anne Frank – A History For Today" coordinated by the Anne Frank House in the Netherlands, tells the story of Anne Frank during the Second World War.

    09 March 2023 - 11 April 2023
    Forlì, Museo Civico di Palazzo Romagnoli
  • Dutch illustrator Marije Tolman presents her artistic technique with "Piccola Volpe''.

    09 March 2023
    | 09:00 -11:00
    Bologna Children's Book Fair
  • The Bergamo Film Meeting is a must-attend event for cinema enthusiasts, children and teenagers who want to approach this form of art, and for those who want to enjoy the beauty of animated movies.

    13 - 18 March 2023
    Bergamo Film Meeting
  • From 13th to 18th of March, the artisan and musician Peter de Boer will be in Milan together with his assistant for a 5-day workshop on handmade musical instrument construction. These Dutch made instruments will be ...

    13 - 18 March 2023
  • This Movie by Job Tichelman and Camiel Schouwenaar tell the story of best friends Dylan and Youssef’s dream of becoming professional football players.

    29 March 2023
    | 17:00
    San Marino
  • 08 Jun


    Duemila30 is a three-day international film experience focused on impact storytelling as a means to stimulate and generate social and cultural change.

    08 - 11 June 2023
    Centro PIME, Milan
  • 16 Jun

    Mare di Libri

    From 16 to 18 June Mare di Libri festival took place in Rimini. It is the only literature festival in Italy dedicated to teenagers.

    16 - 18 June 2023
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