Masa Depan Batik - Exhibition by Sabine Bolk - Indonesia

22 Oct Masa Depan Batik - Exhibition by Sabine Bolk

Explore the beautiful diversity of Indonesian Batik in our upcoming exhibition!


Erasmus Huis presents

Masa Depan Batik
(Future of Batik)
Exhibition by Sabine Bolk

22 October 2023 - 20 January 2024

Grand Opening
Saturday, 21 October 2023

Monday, 23 October 2023


In this exhibition, Dutch artist and batik researcher Sabine Bolk reflects on her journey to Batik and the journey of Batik in the last 14 years. The exhibition showcases the work of different batikmakers and their perseverance to keep the craft alive as well as Bolk’s own work in the field of art, research and collaborations.

Pasar Batik & Fashion Show "Jagad Phoenix"
Sunday, 22 October 2023
10:00 - 16:00

Pasar Batik is a special event you visitors can purchase high-quality batik products while enjoying a relaxing Sunday atmosphere. Co-organized with Sore Santai Market, the market will offer a variety of batik designs from selected batik makers as well as a pop-up market with arts & crafts and food & beverages.

In the market you can meet the participating batik makers from the exhibition: Nurul Maslahah from Batang, Ramini of KUB Srikandi in Desa Jeruk, Umriyah, Eka of Lumintu Batik in Lasem, and Siti in Batang. They will open their booths at the market, bringing their latest handmade batik tulis. Kesengsem Lasem, a movement in preserving the tangible and non-object heritage in Lasem, will also sell ready-to-wear items and products made from Batik Lasem.

There will also be a fashion show "Jagad Phoenix" by Kabari dari Rembang, where they will showcase their latest Batik streetwear collection with models from the Dutch Embassy. Kabari (Kartini Bangun Negeri) is a mentoring program to help the community (particularly youth groups and women) develop creative social entrepreneurs while at the same time preserving cultural heritage.


Research Batik Workshop 
Monday, 23 October 2023

The registration for this workshop is now closed because we have met our quota. 

The Research Batik Workshop will focus on researching Batik using a Dutch online database collection. Dutch artist and researcher Sabine Bolk will explain her research and provide practical tips and tricks. During the workshop, you can try to conduct similar research, and in groups, Sabine will guide you to work on an assignment using the databases and books at the Erasmus Huis library. 


22 October 2023
- 20 January 2024
10:00 - 16:00
Erasmus Huis