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The Netherlands and Indonesia strive for mutual development through research and education cooperation including exchanges, scholarships and skill training.

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NL Alumni network

The NL Alumni network is an initiative funded by the Dutch government and aims to facilitate an international network of NL Alumni, future alumni, Netherlands Alumni Associations, Dutch higher education institutions, Dutch embassies and relevant organisations. A NL Alumna or Alumnus is anyonewith a study, research or work experience in the Netherlands or with a study experience provided by a Dutch education institution abroad. The group of alumni in Indonesia has more than 6.500 members.


The Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) merges two preceding programmes, the Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) and the Netherlands Initiative for Capacity Development in Higher Education (NICHE), into a single integrated approach with the addition of new elements including increased involvement of alumni, attention to cooperation between knowledge organisations, and communication focusing on the presentation of results. We are mandated to run the portfolio of OKP in Indonesia. Through this programme, Indonesian mid-career professionals have the opportunity to get a scholarship for obtaining a master’s degree or having a short course in the Netherlands.

StuNed or Studeren in Nederland is a scholarship programme that is an integral part of the bilateral cooperation between the Governments of the Netherlands and Indonesia. The main objectives of StuNed are to strengthen the human resources in Indonesian organisations and the bilateral relations between the Netherlands and Indonesia at the same time.


Indonesia and The Netherlands share a long history of collaboration in research and education. Indonesian and Dutch institutions work together in joint programmes on a broad array of topics, ranging from biodiversity to mutual cultural heritage, from living labs on tourism to disaster management and from fundamental research in materials science to sustainable cities. In WINNER we give the floor to those standing at the heart of those collaborations – to share knowledge and experiences, to inspire each other, and to set a common agenda for working towards achieving the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals together.