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Indonesia and the Netherlands: Strong Partners for Sustainable Agriculture & Food Security.

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Development of sustainable dairy villages

To enhance farmers welfare and to improve food security, bilateral Dairy Development Cooperation initiative was launched in 2014 in West Java, Indonesia by building integrated Milk Collecting Points (MCP) and followed by Dairy Village in 2018. Project implementer is Frisian Flag Indonesia (part of Friesland Campina). The MCPs are the first modern integrated facility in Indonesia, and the Dairy Village aims to provide to the participating farmers the best practices of the Netherlands modern and sustainable dairy production while providing a better access for Indonesian consumers to high nutritional value of dairy products. This initiative has been made possible through partnership between Dutch and Indonesian companies, organizations, cooperatives and knowledge Institutions, supported by the Dutch Government through the Facility for Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Food Security program (FDOV).

Dutch partnership for the poultry sector in Indonesia

With the growing demand for high quality food products in Indonesia, especially in the poultry sector, collaboration is crucial in ensuring an innovative and sustainable poultry value chain. FoodTech Indonesia – a partnership between leading Dutch companies and knowledge institutions – aims to strengthen the poultry sector in Indonesia by sharing best practices through demonstration and training, providing Indonesian companies integrated solutions in the value chain.

SMARTseeds: application for vegetable farmers

East West Indonesia (EWINDO) provides education on innovation and the latest technology in vegetable cultivation. The technologies include urban farming technology, Green-house, aeroponics and hydroponics. EWINDO also contributes to the initiative ‘SMARTseeds’ that implements a financially sustainable information service to support 100.000 vegetable farmers to increase their production and product quality -hence their income, and reduces the inputs of water, fertilizer and pesticides. The mobile application is translating the vision of Circular Agriculture into sustainable agriculture practices. SMARTseeds services will be distributed via interactive SMS and mobile phone app. Farmers will be informed through SMS as well as personal advice via extension officers from EWINDO.