Erasmauw - Indonesia

Meet Erasmauw, the cute orange cat who symbolizes artistic exploration and creativity at Erasmus Huis.

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Erasmauw and Erasqui, animation by Dessy Tri Anandini Bambang

Erasmauw is the star of a captivating animated video series that invites children to explore the world of art, film, literature, performing arts and architecture. A brainchild of animator Dessy Tri Anandini Bambang, the endearing character is not alone in their artistic journey - with a squirrel and two charming birds as friendly companions to enrich the storytelling experience.

Erasmauw’s popularity has extended beyond the digital world, becoming a cherished figure within the Erasmus Huis. Visitors now have the opportunity to capture memories with Erasmauw and friends through a dedicated photo booth or standees in the library, adding a whimsical touch to the cultural center.

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