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Energy transition

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The Netherlands and Finland work together on cutting energy emissions.

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The world is in the midst of the transition towards more sustainable forms of producing the energy that we use daily in our homes, public places and industries. While the energy transition knows many challenges, there are even more opportunities. The Netherlands Embassy in Finland actively works on connecting Dutch and Finnish partners and companies to speed up the energy transition.

Some energy related topics on which the Netherlands and Finland work together include wind energy, green hydrogen and the sustainable battery industry.


In the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015, agreements were made to decarbonize the economy and reduce emissions. This has led to a lot of interest for hydrogen in the Netherlands and Finland. Both governments include hydrogen in their national climate and energy plans. Hydrogen, in all its forms and uses, can play an essential role in the energy transition. It can reduce emissions from ‘hard to abate’ industries, where other means of emission reduction is difficult or impossible. Hydrogen can also be used as an energy storage in connection with solar and wind solutions.

Hydrogen creates business opportunities in both Finland and the Netherlands. Dutch and Finnish companies are in a unique position to work together to develop a clean hydrogen value chain.

Video on Dutch clean Hydrogen technology

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Wind energy

Wind energy is one of the main technologies that drive the energy transition. While the Netherlands is expanding its wind energy capacity off-shore on the North Sea, Finland is doing the same on the Baltic Sea and the Bothnian Gulf. Finland also has plans to expand its on-shore wind energy capacity. Because of the Netherlands’ long experience with wind power and the high potential of wind power in Finland, cooperation on this topic provides opportunities for both the Netherlands and Finland. 

Both governments have sharpened their ambitions of installed capacity for the coming decades. The economic opportunities of the offshore wind development are considerable and will lead to job creation and increased economic activity as well as providing clean energy for the industry and households.

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