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The Netherlands contributes to ending violence against women, enable the meaningful participation of women in decision making at different levels and enhance women’s economic empowerment.

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Ending violence against women

The Netherlands contributes to ending violence against women, enable the meaningful participation of women in decision making at different levels, enhance women’s economic empowerment and ensure meaningful participation of women in peace and security by building capacities of women and girls, women’s rights organizations, government actors and implementing partners.

The Netherlands provides comprehensive services to survivors of violence (including conflict related SGBV) and prevention efforts. Strong emphasis is given to addressing violence against women in the context of conflict, climate related disasters and internal displacement.

Our efforts related to the horticulture and diary value chain, are expected to improve women’s livelihoods, economic self-reliance and decision-making power. In addition, activities linked with private sector development, sustainable trade and investment, including the nexus on skills and jobs contribute to women’s economic empowerment including entrepreneurship and access to finance.

Civil society organizations

The Netherlands support efforts towards the adoption and the implementation of UNSC Resolution 1325 National Action Plan by strengthening the capacity of women’s rights organizations, (young) women networks and feminist movements to contribute to sustainable and inclusive peace and stability.

The centrally funded Power of Women, Power of Voices and SRHR partnerships contribute to strengthening local civil society organizations, movements and amplifying voices of women, girls, youth, people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups in different policy domains. Further, the Embassy acts as a strategic partner in all consortia, to bring the different partners together, to create learning opportunities and to assist in achieving the objectives of the partnerships.