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Water and Climate

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The Netherlands aims to advance the principles and practices of Integrated Water Resource Management in Ethiopia and does so not only through supporting a set of projects, but also by practicing water diplomacy, by leading sector coordination and by engaging Dutch and Ethiopian private sector parties for the water sector.

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The high demand for better water management, the large expected impacts for development in Ethiopia and the strong Dutch expertise have created a golden opportunity for development cooperation. Institutions are being built and capacitated, with digitalization as an underlying methodology, to successfully implement principles of integrated water management on a basin scale.  In addition the Netherlands will continue to support Ethiopia’s main government-led Water Sanitation and Hygiene program and will aim to support the water management components of that program in particular and of the WASH sector in general.  


Climate is an overarching theme and will be mainstreamed in water and food security activities and where possible in other relevant policy domains. Guided by the physical landscape in the focus regions locally led adaptation will be promoted, where local communities and organizations are in the forefront of decision making on landscape and water management. Moreover, the Netherlands continues to invest in access to renewable energy and clean cooking.