Sexual Reproductive and Health Rights - Ethiopia

Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights

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The Netherlands has a strong reputation in relation to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). Enhancement of the general health system in Ethiopia is considered a prerequisite for ensuring access to SRHR.

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Without an adequate infrastructure and skilled staff, it will not be possible to provide essential health services, including SRHR. Considering the multiple crises that Ethiopia is facing, restoration of primary care services requires additional investments. Enhancement of service delivery at this level will also be an important condition for stability. Part of resorting primary care services is to ensure availability of a broad range of family planning options.

In order to achieve sustainability approaches like, domestic ownership and enhancing resilience of the health system, will be scaled up. Also, the Netherlands explores opportunities to leverage private sector investments and capacity, for instance as part of our performance-based financing and supply chain programs. In light of long-term sustainability and co-creating a conducive policy environment, the Netherlands expands capacities in relation to health financing, health systems and SRHR.