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Trade and development

Investing in a sustainable future

The Netherlands promotes inclusive growth through sustainable trade and investment. We aim to achieve this by cooperating with the Egyptian private and public sector. Various sector trainings are organised through a number of programs and projects.

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Improving access to finances

Many farmers have limited access to market information and digital financing. This can prevent them from running their business efficiently. That’s why Rabobank and the Agricultural Bank of Egypt are modernising the Egyptian banking sector, by increasing the use of bank accounts for business transactions.

Farm Frites

Together with the Egyptian government, Dutch potato producer Farm Frites has launched a 40 million dollar plant in Egypt, bringing its installed capacity to 150,000 tons. With these investments, Dutch knowledge and expertise are applied in potato production and processing, with great opportunities to further improve sustainability.  Dutch firms are the second largest foreign investors in Egypt.

Port of Alexandria

Dutch port engineering firm CDR has partnered up with the Port of Alexandria to conduct a study on the port’s docks and piers and possibly renovate and refurbish the complete infrastructure. A large-scale renovation of the port is required, as it currently does not meet the authority’s objectives. The study provides insight into the technical and financial aspects to achieve an improved infrastructure.