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The Netherlands and Egypt aim to achieve gender equality in different fields and through various experiences.

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Empowering girls through sports

27 coaches. 12 Governorates. More than 400 Egyptian girls  attend sports trainings, learn new things about nutrition and enhance their leadership skills. The Netherlands has partnered up with North South Consultant Exchange to organise trainings for girls who want to improve their self-confidence, nutrition and school performance.

Female leadership

We are a strong advocate of female leadership. Together with different partners in Egypt, we enhance leadership skills of girls and young women. We also exchange ideas with Egyptian Women in leadership and/ or governmental roles.

Debtor-free prisons

Prisons free of debtors. This campaign was launched for debtors, especially females, who often are imprisoned for signing documents they don’t understand - and usually for small amounts of money. This campaign was established in partnership with the Egyptian Feminist Union. Thanks to this campaign, the Egyptian president al-Sisi ordered the release of many female debtors who were imprisoned.