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Human rights

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Promoting human rights is a priority for the Netherlands and Egypt. Human rights are universal, but are not only important because we agreed upon them in international treaties. Respect for fundamental rights is necessary for sustainable stability.

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Legal assistance for women

Human trafficking is illegal in Egypt. Despite Egypt’s efforts to combat this practice, it still exists. The Netherlands supports the Centre for Egyptian Women’s Legal Assistance (CEWLA) to combat women trafficking. CEWLA gives legal, social, psychological and economic support to victims. They also raise awareness on this issue, and work with the government to support laws that could protect women better.

Promoting understanding between Egyptians

Egypt is a diverse country where people with different religious backgrounds live together. The Netherlands supports organizations that promote understanding between people with different backgrounds. The Netherlands supports The Anglican Church in Egypt, that has been working on this topic for years. They bring imams and priests together to create trust and understanding between communities and to tackle common problems.

Trial monitoring

Protecting human rights is a priority for the Netherlands. Respect for the rule of law is an essential prerequisite for a country’s development. The state’s rule of law can be analysed by how human rights defenders are treated. That’s why representatives from the Netherlands often monitor court proceedings in cases against human rights defenders, to assess the state of the rule of law.