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Climate and Water Smart Agriculture

Protecting vital resources

In a changed climate, the right use of resources can be quite a challenge. This is where Egypt and the Netherlands join forces to move towards more sustainable agriculture, better food security and  improved water management for Egyptians.

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Climate Smart Agriculture

Food Security is an absolute top priority for Egypt. Development of agriculture and protected cultivation are seen as solutions for the challenges Egypt is facing. One of those challenges is increased demand for food security in relation to water availability. The Netherlands supports agricultural practices like water efficient greenhouses. These greenhouses only use 4 liters of water for the production of 1 kg of tomatoes, instead of 250 liters in traditional open cultivation in Egypt.

High Level Water Panel (HLWP)

Dutch-Egyptian High Level Water Panel, April 2019.

For over 40 years, the Netherlands and Egypt have fruitfully been working together on water resources development. During the annual High Level Water Panel, new development projects are initiated to enhance cooperation between the countries’ governments, businesses, knowledge institutes and NGO’s. The panel is chaired by the Dutch and Egyptian ministers of Water.

Coastal protection

Coastal erosion is an important issue in both Egypt and the Netherlands. Although both countries face different challenges on the coastline, prevention is better than accepting the high risks of flooding or loss of land. Together with Egypt, the Netherlands is searching for the most suitable measures to protect the coastal areas and where possible, create mutual learning experiences.