Sustainability - Denmark


Finding solutions together

Denmark and the Netherlands are determined to increase cooperation and strengthen industry ties between our countries in the field of energy. From everything between offshore wind, converting renewable energy for other uses (power-to-x) or grid management, our sectors stand to benefit from increased collaboration within the field of energy.

Memorandum of Understanding (Strengthening energy cooperation between our countries)

In 2020, the Netherlands and Denmark signed a Memorandum of Understanding, expressing the determination for cooperation and intention to foster closer industry ties between our countries. Parallel to the agreement was a statistical transfer of energy to the Netherlands, which will fund a tender on developing and upscaling Power-to-X technologies (technologies for converting renewable energy into e.g. gases or liquids) in Denmark.

COBRAcable (Energy interconnection between Denmark and the Netherlands)

Energinet and TenneT, the transmission system operators of Denmark and the Netherlands, installed an electrical connection between the two countries in 2019. The connection is called the COBRAcable. The cable makes Danish renewable power available for the Dutch, and the other way around. The system is designed in a way that future wind parks can also be connected to the cable.

Offshore wind (seminar about the latest Dutch innovations)

During a seminar in September 2020 the latest innovations in the Dutch wind sector were shown in Denmark. The strong offshore wind sectors in both countries showed a lot of enthusiasm to increase the cooperation between the countries and some arrangements, such as a Dutch study to prepare for the building of a Danish energy-island, were made.