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Cultural expression is a way of showing what we stand for, what we believe in, and where we find common ground. The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Czechia functions as promoter and supporter of international cultural cooperation.

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An artist shows his work to the audience. © Michal Ureš.
Prague is the cultural hub in Central Europe. Many Dutch creatives, designers, architects, artists, musicians and writers visit the city. We have long supported activities and partners to pursue the help them realize their goals the Czech Republic.

We focus on promoting Dutch creative sector In the Czech Republic. We support young creatives accessing new markets and networks and we help them with showcasing Dutch innovative approach, technologies, and Dutch know-how.

Fashion and Design

Fashion at the Designblok Prague International Design Festival. © Bastiaan Reijnen.
A great example is the Diploma Selection international competition of fashion and product design graduates at the Designblok Prague International Design Festival. This event was initiated by the Embassy and has grown into a prime European talent show for young fashion and product designers, drawing renowned jurors from all over the world. Dutch design graduates are often celebrated as winners and gaining further cooperation possibilities in new markets.

Impression of the Designblok Prague International Design Festival.
© Maud Groote Schaarsberg (L)
© Michal Ureš (R)