Shared Values - Czech Republic

Shared Values

Finding solutions together
As a founding EU member, the Netherlands places a strong emphasis on the international rule of law through its constitution. We extend this commitment to Czechia, valuing the principles that underpin a just society. Our priority at the Dutch embassy in Czechia is to foster EU values, including the protection of human rights and the rule of law. To learn more about our initiatives and the significance they hold, explore the links below, which delve into various facets of these essential themes.

Human Rights

The Netherlands is resolutely dedicated to safeguarding human rights, fostering equality, and ensuring meaningful engagement in decision-making for all, including men, women, and LGBTIQ+ individuals. In that regard, the Netherlands Embassy in Czechia supports both marriage equality and ratification of Istanbul Convention, the first instrument in Europe to set legally binding standards to prevent gender-based violence, protect victims of violence and punish perpetrators. 


On April 1st 2001, the Netherlands was the first country to acknowledge same-sex marriage. Four couples were married that day and soon, more couples followed. Discrimination is unlawful and same-sex couples have been able to adopt children in the Netherlands since 2001. The Netherlands was a pioneer back then and we still stand strong in supporting equal rights for LGBTIQ+. Although equal rights are still not at the point we want it to be, with our human rights policy, the Netherlands is trying to establish justice and respect for all. We believe that doing so is a moral and legal obligation, not just for us, but also for a more stable and prosperous world.

Feminist Foreign policy

Promoting women’s rights and gender equality has long been a fundamental part of Dutch foreign policy. The Netherlands has one of the largest funds for women’s rights and gender equality in the world; it focuses strongly on women’s meaningful participation; and it supports activities and programs that promote women’s rights, gender equality, sexual rights and reproductive health. In Czechia we have been proudly supporting the AMO Women Network.