EU & NATO Partnerships - Czech Republic

EU & NATO Partnerships

Finding solutions together

Strengthening European Cooperation

The vitality of European Union collaboration is exemplified through the synergy among its member states. This synergy encompasses an array of critical domains ranging from human rights, trade, security, and agriculture to environment and climate.

Moreover, both the Netherlands and Czechia proudly participate in the Brussels Institute for Geopolitics. The BIG was inaugurated during an informal EU leaders' summit in Prague on October 7th during the Czech EU Presidency. It aims to address Europe's pressing geopolitical concerns, born out of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Participation of both countries demonstrates their commitment to shaping Europe's evolving geopolitical landscape. Notably, the Dutch embassy in Czechia has been actively engaged during the Czech Republic's EU presidency, underscoring our shared dedication to advancing EU interests.

Recognizing the resonance of our interests and aspirations, we're steadfast in our pursuit of enhancing cooperation. By fostering this partnership, we aspire to amplify our collective impact, fostering a stronger and more resilient European Union.