Climate and biodiversity - Brazil

Climate and biodiversity

Finding solutions together

Climate diplomacy is an important focus of the Netherlands in Brazil, in particular the deforestation agenda and the integration of sustainable transitions, climate and economic diplomacy.
The missions in Brazil work on climate change related solutions with various Brazilian actors, like-minded countries and in cooperation with alliances, businesses, knowledge institutions and civil society organisations. In addition, we capitalize on mitigation and adaptation opportunities for the Dutch business sector.

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Deforestation issues and sustainable value chains

Countering deforestation is one of Brazil's biggest climate obstacles. Not only because of the subsequent biodiversity loss, but also because it accounts for over half of the country’s total emissions. For the current Lula administration, combatting deforestation is an integral whole of government priority and Brazil has committed to stopping deforestation by 2030.
The Netherlands is also firmly committed to stopping deforestation and forest degradation around the world by 2030 and protecting biodiversity in forests. We support Brazil in contributing to this global goal, amongst others by promoting the development of sustainable and deforestation-free agricultural commodities value chains.

The collaboration between the Netherlands and Brazil evolves mainly around diplomacy (EU, bilateral and Amsterdam Declarations Partnership), technical cooperation (sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, monitoring with our partners such as the Inter-American Development Bank, IDH and IPAM) and dialogue on key issues for combatting deforestation, such as: traceability and transparency of commodities; the role of finance in supply chains; payment for ecosystem services and bioeconomy solutions.