Sustainable development, food security, water and climate - Bangladesh

Sustainable development, food security, water and climate

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The importance of water management and sustainable agricultural practices is central to the transitioning relationship between Netherlands and Bangladesh.

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The Netherlands and Bangladesh are both Delta countries and based on the decades-long cooperation, the Netherlands water sector in Bangladesh has a competitive advantage in fields like water management, river management and coastal development. The BDP2100 provides an umbrella for the cooperation between our two countries in the areas of water management (including port development, inland water transport and maritime development/blue economy) and agriculture.

In addition, the Netherlands has been a longstanding partner of Bangladesh in its journey to eradicate hunger and poverty and ensure food security for all. Over the years our food and nutrition security (FNS) program has focused on different elements, including the eradication of hunger and malnutrition, the promotion of inclusive and sustainable growth in the agricultural sector, and achieving ecologically sustainable food systems by stimulating green and circular technologies and innovations. We particularly focus on small and medium-scale farmers as well as other rural entrepreneurs who could potentially serve market demand. Moreover, we not only stimulate inclusive business and value chains, but really aim to accelerate market transformation processes.

Because the bilateral relation between Bangladesh and the Netherlands is transitioning from aid to trade, the FNS portfolio will be phasing out in 2022. Therefore, EKN supports programmes on improved water management for agricultural production (water-agri nexus), value chain and market development. Coming years, the private sector will play an increasingly important role in serving local, national and international markets. The Netherlands can assist with their expertise, their capacity to establish links with markets, and through investments. We bring proven innovation and technology to further diversify the Bangladesh economy.

We believe that water, agriculture and climate are all interlinked and an integrated approach is vital for a sustainable response to climate change. We therefore advocate with the Government of Bangladesh to strengthen linkages between water management, food security and climate activities, and to make climate policy-making as inclusive as possible, with special focus on gender and the voice of young people. Together we work towards green and blue transformations, for a sustainable future for all.

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