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Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100

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The Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 (BDP2100) has been developed in close cooperation with the Netherlands and was officially approved on September 4th, 2018 by Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

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This holistic, adaptive, comprehensive, multi-annual plan was based on the vision to achieve safe, climate resilient and prosperous Delta by the year 2100. It acknowledges the challenges for Bangladesh the upcoming decades, but also shows that water provides opportunities: to invest, to learn and to grow economic and social opportunities.

At present, the Netherlands’ contribution to the implementation of BDP2100 focuses primarily on knowledge cooperation (capacity building) and financial engineering, aiming for meaningful interventions with impact ‘on the ground’. We work together with various stakeholders, such as the National Government of Bangladesh, Local Governments, International Financial Institutions, NGOs, private sector, civil society, farmers’ organizations and  local Water Boards.

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