Agriculture & Water - Azerbaijan

Agriculture & Water

Agriculture is one of the most important sectors of the economy in Azerbaijan. Studying the top-notch Dutch knowledge and expertise in agriculture contributes to the country’s ambition to grow food efficiently and sustainably and allow premium crops to reach as many Azerbaijani consumers as possible. Presence of nine climatic zones allows the country to produce a variety of agricultural products and brings about new opportunities.

In order to decrease the dependence of the domestic food market on imported products and generate reliable food reserves, the government has taken a number of measures to  improve the business and investment climate by stimulating producers, providing subsidies, and establishing a firm institutional and economic basis for further development.

Interest in Dutch agronomists is growing, as the companies have realized the importance of the sustainability of the projects, through better technology and increased productivity. According to the results of the research made jointly by the Wageningen University (NL) and ADA University (AZE) - future market prospects for agricultural and food products of Azerbaijan can generally be considered positive. However, the agricultural sector needs investment in modernized technology, knowledge and skills. There is also need for vocational schools, services and supply of agricultural equipment, where Dutch companies can play a major role.

Caspian Agro

The Embassy has been joining Caspian Agro Exhibitions almost every year since 2016 with the “Netherlands Pavilion”. Current and high-potential cooperation areas in agriculture include seed production, greenhouses & greenhouse technology, dairy, poultry and meat production, horticulture. For more information see the website of Caspian Agro.


For decades, the Netherlands has made its knowledge and expertise available and the Dutch water sector is very well regarded all over the world. The Netherlands has an international reputation for innovation, integrated and inclusive solutions that: protect people and infrastructure from flooding; prevent water scarcity; and, ensure supplies of clean and safe water.

Dutch companies are working together with the Azerbaijani government in efficiently and sustainably utilizing the country’s water resources. The collaboration between Azerbaijan and the Netherlands resulted in more business opportunities for Dutch water companies.

Some Dutch companies' operations on the assessment of water resources for the Government of Azerbaijan also informs the water strategy of the Republic of Azerbaijan for 2018-2035. Azerbaijan’s policy approach regarding water has been improved, leading to better water quality and to ensure a sustainable socio-economic development of the country. Current and high-potential cooperation areas in water include assessment of water availability, quality, water demand and water system and its operationalization.