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Smart and Sustainable Cities

Azerbaijan and the Netherlands are building and implementing inventive and smart solutions for sustainable and resilient livelihoods in Azerbaijan. The National Strategy for the Development of Information Society in Azerbaijan for 2016-2020, and associated action plan consisting of 52 measures toward this goal aims to turn the country into an ICT hub for the Caucasus. Azerbaijan started with creation of green jobs, eco-products and to the overall greening of the economy, making it more competitive. Sustainable business models from the Dutch companies could be useful for the country, when the country is pioneering the concept of smart cities.

Azerbaijan wants to progress on Smart City and Smart Village concepts. A working group was established representing various ministries to work on this concept. Taking into consideration that it is an innovation and new concept for the post-Soviet country like Azerbaijan, the country is very keen to cooperate with advanced countries in this area, not only learning their experience in concept building, but also cooperating in realization of this concept in practice. Dutch model of sustainable cities, which is based on sustainable lighting,  smart and sustainable architecture and multi-modal airport design could be of interest for the Government to study and cooperate with. Besides, advanced Dutch expertise in healthcare is improving people’s health and well-being  through meaningful innovations in these cities.