Maritime and Logistics - Azerbaijan

Maritime and Logistics

Azerbaijan has a potential to turn into an important transport and logistics center of the region, thanks to its location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia. In recent years, large-scale infrastructure projects have been implemented in the country. It is expanding its external economic ties with the newly built Baku International Sea Port (Port Of Baku), a modern airport and the construction of internationally important roads and railways, such as East-West and North-South transport corridors. Since the port is built at the major railway juncture connecting the East-West and the North-South railway lines in Azerbaijan, the port will also have rail access. Serving as a multimodal transit logistics hub, the port is becoming a consolidation and distribution center in Central Eurasia that provides a wide range of services. 

Most of the trade between China and Europe was happening through the Northern Corridor, which goes through Russia. Now with the war in Ukraine and the sanctions on Russia, a significant part of this trade has shifted towards the Middle Corridor, which passes through Central Asia and the Caucasus, again, linking China to Europe. The geographical location on the East-West trade route, connecting Europe and China, opens up a lot of opportunities for Azerbaijan. 

Within the maritime and logistics sectors the Netherlands intends to help Azerbaijan to tap its hub potential, where Dutch public and private stakeholders continue to find innovative and sustainable solutions in these subsectors. Collaboration between Azerbaijan and the Netherlands enables the exchange of knowledge and expertise in finding solutions together. Various Dutch companies have had numerous projects in Azerbaijan. These projects varied from designing and engineering works in the Port of Baku, local shipbuilding and several dredging projects.