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The Netherlands and Argentina work together for the development and safeguarding of an international rules based order, legal certainty and access to justice for all.

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Equal rights for LGBTI - assisting transgender people in their job search

The Dutch embassy in Argentina co-finances the Contratá Trans (Hire Trans) programme, executed by the Argentine organization Impacto Digital. This programme entails the development of an online platform for transgender people looking for a job. Apart from job application courses, the platform also contains a vacancy database and a matchmaking option.

Impacto Digital also created an online training for government officials and companies on inclusion and diversity in the workplace. In the vacancy database, 104 companies, social organizations and public institutions offer jobs. So far, 19 transgender Argentines have already found a job through the programme and more than 9000 people have participated in the training on inclusion and diversity.

Women empowerment in the Chaco-region

The NGO Plurales carries out a project in the Chaco-region in Argentina and Paraguay, an area which contains the second largest forest mass in South America after the Amazon. The project, partly financed by the Dutch embassy in Argentina, aims at the development and strengthening of networks of indigenous women who act as environmental and human rights defenders.

The project focuses on the governance of natural assets in the region, promotes female leadership and enhances access to connectivity in order to reduce the isolation in which the local communities currently live. Activities include the provision of technical and political support to the women's networks, the development of a rainwater harvesting system, the installation of communal internet services and knowledge exchange in the field of leadership and network development.

Cooperation in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights

The embassy supports a range of projects aimed at the enhancement of the sexual and reproductive health and rights of the Argentines. Several of these projects concern the implementation of the Argentine abortion law, which was passed by the National Congress in December 2020. Through these projects, the embassy and the implementing organizations try to ensure that the right to a safe abortion is converted into a reality in practice, and not just laid down in law. The implementing organizations organize webinars (with the participation of Dutch experts) and information- and communication campaigns. They also educate medical professionals and create networks of SRGR-activists.