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Agriculture and Horticulture

Finding solutions together


Sustainable trade and investment is one of the main focus areas of the Dutch embassy in Argentina. Argentina and the Netherlands have been strong partners on sustainable agriculture for many years. Did you know that more than 90% of Argentine exports to the Netherlands are agro commodities or manufactured agro products?
The main pillars of the agriculture department’s work are: market access, trade and investment and cooperation for sustainable agri-food chains. Priority topics are circular agriculture, water (nexus agro-water-land use), agro-logistics, deforestation-free agro commodities; always taking into account climate change and sustainability and the Dutch national policy on circular agriculture.

Cooperation in developing the pig chain

Dutch businesses have joined forces in the public-private partnership programme Gitah Porcino. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Dutch embassy in Argentina also form part of this programme. The programme is aimed at supporting the further development of the Argentine pig value chain in a sustainable and animal-friendly manner. Collaboration and knowledge exchange with local actors are key. The programme runs for three years, until 2023, and includes knowledge exchange, training, and encounters between stakeholders from the Netherlands and Argentina.


Argentina and the Netherlands have been working together in horticulture cooperation for a number of years, driven by the Netherlands’ top experience and expertise and Argentina´s opportunities to improve the sector and reach higher quality standards. The Argentine horti-sector presents big challenges along the entire value chain, leading to various business opportunities.

Examples of the work done so far are an MOU on agro-logistics in vegetable chains, research, collaboration and missions from the Netherlands, advice to the Argentine Ministry of Agriculture and a presentation at GreenTech 2020 of the latest research project the embassy commissioned.