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Netherlandsandyou.nl showcases the relations between your country and the Netherlands. Find out about partnerships on trade, development, culture, innovation and more. Netherlandsandyou.nl is powered by our representations worldwide: embassies, consulates and trade offices. Netherlandsandyou.nl: connecting you and the Netherlands.

About Netherlandsandyou.nl

Netherlandsandyou.nl provides information for everyone who wants to:

Can’t find information about your country or region?

Dutch diplomatic representations abroad communicate in various languages. If you can’t find the country or region you’re looking for, it may appear in a different language version of Netherlandsandyou.nl. Find out which language or languages are used for information about the country you are looking for, or scroll down to the bottom of the screen to change the language.

Visas, passports, declarations

Do you want to live, work, study or travel in the Netherlands or abroad? Look at Netherlandsworldwide.nl for services such as applying for a Dutch passport or ID card, a certificate of residence, a visa, etc. You will also find information there about, for example, the Non-Residents Records Database (RNI) and voting from abroad.


The borders, names and icons on the maps displayed on this website in no way imply any formal acceptance or recognition by the Kingdom of the Netherlands.