Consular fees in Zimbabwe

Fees of the various services at the embassy in Zimbabwe.

  1. Consular payments can either be in USD cash or electronic (Master and Visa cards only).  Payments with local master or visa cards are treated as foreign transactions and charged in Euros.
  2. Please note that payments with local Master/Visa cards are rejected when your foreign transaction limit has exceeded.

You cannot derive any rights from the amounts stated here. The amounts may change at any time.

Fees as of February 2, 2020




Schengenvisum kinderen tot 6 jaar / Schengen visa child (under 6) Free of charge Free of charge
Schengenvisum kinderen 6-11 jaar / Schengen visa child (6 - 11) 40,00 43,00
Schengenvisum normaal tarief / Schengen visa normal fee 80,00 87,00
Schengenvisum laag tarief* / Schengen visa, low fee** 35,00 38,00
Caribisch visum kinderen tot 6 jaar / Caribbean visa child (under 6) Free of charge Free of charge
Caribisch visum kinderen 6-11 jaar / Caribbean visa child 6-11 years 40,00 43,00
Caribisch visum / Carribbean visa 80,00 87,00
MVV (machtiging voorlopig verblijf) diverse tarieven, afhankelijk van verblijfsdoel / MVV (Authorisation for temporay stay), different fees, depending on purpose of stay --
* visumfacilitatie voor burgers van Armenië, Azerbeidzjan, Kosovo, Oekraïne en Rusland  
** visa facilitation for citizens of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Ukraine and Russia
Nederlandse nationaliteit krijgen / Obtaining Dutch nationality EUR USD
Optieprocedure: enkelvoudig / Option procedure: single 191,00 209,00
Optieprocedure: gemeenschappelijk / Option procedure: plural 326,00 357,00
Optieprocedure: medeopterende minderjarige / Option procedure: additional fee for a minor 21,00 23,00
Naturalisatie: enkelvoudig, standaard / Naturalisation: single, standard 901,00 986,00
Naturalisatie: gemeenschappelijk, standaard / Naturalisation: plural, standard 1.150,00 1.259,00
Naturalisatie: enkelvoudig, verlaagd / Naturalisation: single, lowered 670,00 733,00
Naturalisatie: gemeenschappelijk, verlaagd / Naturalisation: plural, lowered 920,00 1007,00
Naturalisatie: meenaturaliserende minderjarige / Naturalisation: additional fee for a minor 133,00 145,00
Legalisaties / Legalisations EUR USD
Legalisatie document / Legalisation document                                                                               26,25 28,00