About us

Yemen is suffering from war. As a result of the conflict, the Netherlands embassy in Sana'a has been closed for the public since 2015.

Our efforts

The diplomatic staff is currently working from The Hague, Sana'a and the Gulf region. The Netherlands focuses on contributing to humanitarian aid, conflict resolution and peacebuilding. As a long-term donor, the Netherlands has built up a good reputation in Yemen and supports various programs and activities in the field of security & rule of law, public health, and water & sanitation.

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Vacancies and internships

The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Sana'a, Yemen is opening a temporary office in Amman and are looking to hire a Management Assistant.

The Management Assistant provides organisational, secretarial and administrative support to the Head of Mission and the Management Team of the Embassy, by:

  • Planning and act pro-actively by managing the agenda of the Ambassador based on priorities of the Embassy, organising internal and external meetings, monitoring the agenda, pointing out issues or conflicts of interest
  • Providing pro-active support to management of the Embassy;
  • Preparing international visits of the Ambassador and on occasion the staff of the Embassy (logistics, planning of meetings, etc.) and coordinating internally and externally in the preparation and follow-up as well as the financial administration afterwards;
  • Organising (online and offline) staff meetings, taking notes, reporting and coordinating follow-up.
  • Preparing, reporting, monitoring, archiving and giving follow up to (weekly) staff meetings;
  • Acting as a link with the internal organisation and external environment, making connections, assessing interests and weighing up consequences;
  • Coordinating and/or contribuinge to large Embassy activities such as the yearly retreat;
  • Independently organising the database of contacts of the Embassy and keeping it up-to-date;
  • Coordinating and processing all kinds of administrative work, including the management of mailboxes, correspondence and telephone communication, as has been instructed.

Deadline for submission of applications is Sunday 24 January 2021, at 5 PM. Send your CV and motivation letter to: saa-az@minbuza.nl.

Specific information
You will work mainly directly for the Ambassador as well as the Management Team, and will work closely with the entire Embassy staff. You are able to work independently, you are not afraid to take initiative, you have a high sense of responsibility and you are able to think and act from the point of view of the management. You have no difficulty in handling several tasks at the same time, you keep an overview, are able to set priorities and communicate about them. You easily distinguish between major and minor issues.


  • Agenda of the Ambassador always up to date according to priorities of the Embassy;
  • Internal and external meetings efficiently organised;
  • International visits well prepared and administered;
  • Internal meetings clearly reported, monitored and archived and follow-up coordinated;
  • Embassy activities such as the annual retreat efficiently organised;
  • Up-to-date Embassy contacts database;
  • Ad hoc secretarial, organisational and administrative tasks timely and correctly executed.

Other business

  • Respond to a wide-ranging variety of questions, requests and calls;
  • Prioritise, assess urgency, monitor progress and completion of tasks, identify issues and send reminders;
  • Provide general administrative, logistical and organisational support (including official visits, missions, official trips and working visits);
  • Receive and speak to visitors;
  • Create and update work files;
  • Provide information for management and other staff.


  • Within the Embassy: the entire team at its various locations (Doha, Sana’a, Amman, The Hague and Riyadh);
  • Outside of the Embassy: the ministries in The Hague, Embassies, protocol departments, ministries, NGO’s and other (international) organisations in the Middle East.

Knowledge and skill requirements

  • Excellent IT skills, including MS Office programs (such as Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook), SharePoint, virtual meetings software (such as MS Teams, Webex, Zoom, google Duo, Whatsapp, etc);
  • Skilled in the practical use of modern technology in the workplace;
  • Understanding of civil service and political interests and sensitivities;
  • Skilled in collecting and interpreting data and compiling management information;
  • Skilled in writing, taking notes and reporting;
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.


  • The rules and regulations of the ministry;
  • The administrative organization of the Embassy;
  • Agreements between the Management Team and the Management Assistant.


  • Customer oriented
  • Initiative and pro activity
  • Planning and organizing
  • Cooperation
  • Flexibility
  • Integrity

Level of education/ additional training and knowledge

  • Secondary vocational level (MBO)
  • Fluent in Arabic and English
  • Preferably advanced knowledge of Dutch
  • If not Dutch speaking, willing and able to take (intensive) Dutch lanuage classes

Work environment

The Netherlands has built up a good name in Yemen, as a long-term development cooperation donor. However, since February 2015, a civil war has raged in Yemen that has claimed thousands of victims.

Therefore the Dutch Embassy in Sana’a temporarily closed to the public on 12 February 2015 and the expat staff was evacuated. The local team continued its work in Sana’a (9 staff members). Since then the expat staff works from Doha, The Hague, Amman and Riyadh. In the course of 2021, a temporary office will be opened in Amman and some expats will be relocated. In Amman, you will be working with this Dutch staff and 3 locally employed staff members.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs pursues an active diversity policy and focuses on an inclusive organization. We do this by optimally deploying and utilizing the differences of people by striving for diversity in gender, cultural background, age and suchlike, in the composition of teams and in the recruitment of new talent.

Staff member profile

An experienced, IT savvy, proactive office-manager who can easily manage a large workload with different tasks at the same time. An enthusiastic colleague who can easily integrate in the Embassy team, who is modern, flexible but at the same time well organized with an eye for detail. Able to manage staff from different cultures, in accordance with international standards.  Somebody who can be diplomatic and respectful towards outside clients but is not afraid to speak her/his mind internally. Able to work independently and online as well as offline.