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Vietnam and the Netherlands are long-lasting and strategic partners in agriculture and food security.

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1. Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security

Following up the Strategic Partnership Agreement on Climate Change and Water Management in 2010, the leaders of Vietnam and the Netherlands signed the Strategic Partnership Agreement on Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security (SPA) in 2014, and later the Action Plan of the SPA in 2019 putting special focus on the development of Public Private Partnerships.

Vietnam and The Netherlands agreed that the development of sustainable value chain plays the role as the backbone in partnership between the two countries, with focus on customers’ demands and production efficiency, not productivity. Dutch technologies will contribute to the expansion of sustainable value chains by reducing post-harvest losses.

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2. Food Safety and Quality Management

The cooperation on Food Safety and Quality Management is to enhance capabilities and infrastructure of food safety system in Vietnam, develop institutions and procedures in Vietnam to improve the traceability capacity in the food chains, reduce food loss by investing in cold storage and agro-logistic systems and transfer knowledge in order to improve the position of Vietnam as a producer and exporter of high quality sustainable food products, such as shrimps and fruits.

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3. Knowledge transfer

The ‘Enhancing performance of the horticultural sector in North and Central Vietnam’ project is one amongst numerous OKP projects in Vietnam. It aims to enhance performance of selected vegetable and fruit value chains in Northern and Central Vietnam with gender, youth and minority focus.

The project is built based on the long-term partnerships between 4 Dutch consortium members (Wageningen University Research, HAS University of Applied Sciences, Agriterra and Lentiz) and Vietnam Agriculture Academy, and Fresh Academy as a partner. There are three main pillars under this project: the establishment of an Innovation Centre for Horticulture as well as an Agri Cooperative Knowledge Hub and value chains development for domestic and export markets.