Travelling with weapons or ammunition

You will need to meet certain conditions if you want to travel to the Netherlands with weapons, dummy weapons or ammunition.  For more information on travelling with weapons or ammunition, see the website of the Tax and Customs Administration.

Customs controls

If you are travelling with weapons, dummy weapons, ammunitions or explosives, Customs will check whether you have the right paperwork when you enter or leave the Netherlands. For example, you will need a licence or exemption for:

  • firearms
  • brass knuckles
  • knives
  • catapults
  • airsoft equipment
  • pepper spray
  • alarm guns

It is an offence to bring these items into the country without a licence or exemption. Customs will draw up an official report and seize the weapons and/or ammunition.

For more information on travelling with weapons see the Tax and Customs Administration website.

Applying for a licence

The Tax and Customs Administration website has contact details for the Central Import and Export Office (CDIU). You can apply to the CDIU for permission to import certain weapons.